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course details

Level – II (Intermediate Arabic)




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First Session

For Whom?

Many people are concerned here. Though many people are aware of the vocabulary much attention is needed for proper grammatical usage. With some patience and proper step by step introduction to the various aspects of language structure, one can comfortably get through the nuances of the grammar. In intermediate level heavy emphasis is on grammar. As one gets a hold of it then it becomes easy to get more mastery over the language.


Intermediate level is especially useful for non natives residing in foreign country. There are professionals well versed and experienced in their profession and that with fair knowledge of a foreign language they can smoothly carry on with interactions. The intermediate knowledge of the language comes by learning properly a foreign language along with professional tasks.Without having to bother much of the advanced level.


The outcome of intermediate level is that one really gets to flow with the work culture and with normal average interaction and conversation. It sets the ball rolling and lets one see more opportunities which may come by and make best use of it.People need language and getting used to that foreign language helps one to get about his or her business smoothly. It is of use in practical purposes and colloquial language.


Course Features

Students 0

Max Students 20

Duration 45 Days

Skill level all

Language Arabic

Re-take course 5

In this course there are 38 situational conversations:

The second session is based on the concept of Arabic in 30 minutes. That is, focusing on colloquial language and quick start with most commonly used words. Starting straightaway by making sentences and phrases out of the words after small preliminary introduction. This module is based on translation skills which helps one to be well equipped to express in a foreign language. People from different walks of life like doctors, accountants, engineers get benefitted immensely.

  • Introduction
  • Self Introduction
  • Greetings
  • Engagement metrics
  • About others
  • About family
  • Greetings
  • With Manager
  • With Minister
  • My Engagement
  • Climate
  • Taxi
  • About health
  • Vegetable market
  • Cooking
  • About us
  • At the petrol pump
  • Meet
  • Education
  • At the air port
  • World tour
  • House
  • At restaurant
  • Over the phone
  • Wrong call
  • My self
  • With friends
  • Meet with Fathima
  • About friend
  • Seeking for leave
  • Post office
  • American Embassy
  • Ramdan eid
  • Festivals
  • Outing
  • In post office
  • Gulf
  • Qatar & Bahrain

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