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about us



The idea is to access the pulse of the corporate world and have an insight to the nuances of the operation and factors which yield highest efficiency. Prominence on the web and its promotion with IT services is given, training in diverse technical skills for making candidates corporate worthy, linguistic services and much more. JILT is a story in itself. E-commerce too has been taken in its services by ensuring extensive collection of books and other commodities for ordering online which can be checked from our web portal. Spanning across the cities of Hyderabad, Mahboob Nagar and Gulbarga JILT group is churning out success after dealing with turmoil of recent recession.

JILT was established in 2006 beginning with language services and quickly became reliable company for translations, content provider, and language training. Its second branch opened up in Mahboob Nagar which made its mark in technical training for engineering and other professional courses. The stark feature of JILT in providing placement assistance in and across the seas was much recognized in spite of its humble beginnings. Then success story further unfolded with its splendid branch in the colorful city of Gulbarga for technical training and soft-skills. JILT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and registered with the state government. The candidates trained are provided a certificate with unique id for cross verification by any one for online verification. This is a big plus for a candidate's resume thus enhancing his or her chances in career. More add-ons in JILT's portfolio are underway.


JILT envisions corporate worthy trainees, best market practices and high quality services. The various portfolios taken along and working along to deliver a wholesome experience and one stop for all solutions, ranging from academics to other corporate needs.


The Mission of JILT is to deliver with a difference and deliver to make a difference. A company upon which one can bank upon for employment solutions, training , IT services, language services and even more. It's a legacy which we strive for bettering each day for everyone.


The Objective of JILT is better the focus, the better outlined is the strategy. The individual services in JILT portfolio are handled by well managed staff working closely and in conjunction to provide optimized services in their areas of interest for optimum client satisfaction.