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Now everything in the IT sector is based on computer which is comprised of both hardware and software. Without hardware there is no functioning value of software and vice-versa. So one should keep good knowledge of hardware as well as software. Hardware is the parts of computer like CPU, Motherboard, Hard-Drives, Microchips and Micro-circuitry etc. Its course includes the details functioning of the artifacts parts of the system as well as the storage memory. How to install Computer systems, hardware maintenance and Diagnosing & Trouble shooting in computer systems etc. also offered within this module. Certification in Computer Hardware and Networking Technology (CCHNT) opens door for you to enter in the IT sector with handsome salary in your hands.

Course Features

Students 0

Max Students 20

Duration 45 Days

Skill level All

Language English

Re-take course 5

Course Outline:

  1. Computer Hardware Overview, Block Diagram Details, Parts of Computer.
  2. Motherboard: Types, Block Diagram, Identification of Ports, Chip, Slots, Connector, Section etc, Company, Price, Marketing Tips. 
  3. CPU: CPU Socket details, Types of CPU, Identification, Basic Terminology of CPU. 
  4. RAM: Types of RAM, Identification of RAM, RAM Operating Voltage, 
  5. SMPS: Concept of Current, SMPS pin details, SMPS Voltage, Testing of SMPS, How to use Multimeter, Testing of Power Cable. 
  6. Hard disk: Hard disk Types, Identification of Hard disk, Jumper Setting, Warranty, Measuring concept etc. 
  7. CD/DVD Drive: Assembling/Dissembling of CD/DVD Drive, Types of CD/DVD Drive, Repairing of CD/DVD Drive, Jumper Settings Etc. 
  8. UPS: Types, How UPS work, Measurement, Testing of UPS, Battery Concept. 
  9. Keyboard and Mouse: Types, Identification, Repairing of Keyboard and Mouse. 
  10. Monitor 
  11. Printer 
  12. Cabinet 
  13. Assembling and Dissembling of Computer, Marketing Tips, Testing of all Parts of Computer. 

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