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course details

Modern Standard Arabic (MSAC)




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The first level inculcates the basic level including grammar and comprehension. With writing skills in focus one can easily begin with practicing and begin ingraining colour of the language itself.

For Whom?

As learning is a constant progress and one keeps progressing and imbibing,one feels delving more into the nuances of the language. The more sophisticated use of the language requires advanced skills. To enhance the impact on work with language, advanced language skills are crutial.Specialized services and other works like literature,poetry all are a product of advanced learning skills.One can really appreciate and enjoy the great works for sure in those very languages in original once he or she has advanced language skills.


The benefits of Advanced language in finer works of literature and other areas where use of language and its way plays a crutial part. It can be translation services, where advanced knowledge is extremely necessary for most apt choice of words. Poetry, articles, precis writing and such work do require advanced knowledge of language skills.With advanced knowledge the art of expression in least words is prominently seen.


This level focusses heavily on the use of for heavy literary work. The proverbial usage and phrases of a language idioms,metaphor simile etc and its usage in proper and apt way all comes in this . The various forms of expression for a particular message, all this and much more comes in advanced.The subtleness and fine expressions of the language, enhanced vocabulary and much more is specifically highlighted.It is an icing on top to the complete language mastery.

Course Features

Students 0

Max Students 20

Duration 60 Days

Skill level All

Language Arabic

Re-take course 5

Course e-Material Free
  • Content
  • Introduction
  • The Alphabet
  • The Primary Letters
  • Pronunciation
  • Supplementary Letters
  • Writing
  • The Vowels and the Suk.n
  • Long Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • Shaddah / Tashd.d
  • Tanw.n / Nunation
  • The Short Vowels and the Suk.n
  • Pausing when Speaking or Reading Aloud
  • The Two Hamzahs.
  • The Permanent Hamzah
  • The Connecting Hamzah
  • Elision
  • The Sun and Moon Letters

Al-Kitaab Al-Asaasee LEVEL -2

The second level is based on the book Al-Kitaab Al-Asaasee a regular book based on Umm ul Qura university syllabus. The book is in five volumes. To get a candidate well versed with colloquial language and practical usage, that is what is applied here.Whether beginner, survival, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our Arabic courses include.


Course Summery

Course Duration Total
50 days 50 hour


Scheduled Timing

08:00AM to 09:00AM (IST)
Monday to Saturday


Course e-Material Free

Al-Kitaab Al-Asaasee Textbooks from Umm al-Qura University

  • Spoken fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Reading skills
  • Telephone skills in Arabic
  • Email skills in Arabic
  • Sector-specific terminology
  • Presentation & negotiation skills

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