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course details

Level-I (Basic Arabic)




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For Whom?

The language courses are for those who wish to learn other foreign languages. Their learning of foreign language may pave way for more opportunities which they might not have otherwise. Due to business deals across the globe, there comes a need for interaction with foreign language speakers.Besides there are other things like cultural exchange programs and so on. So need to get acquainted with the foreign language becomes necessary.


The course is useful and beneficial equally for students,professionals, homemakers alike. The design of the curriculum is such that it renders a grasp into the foreign language in a relatively shorter span of time. This is because of its practical orientation and selective vocabulary focusing on day to day usage.This makes a candidate have a quick start with the foreign language which eases his learning process and growth in it.


The outcome of this course helps in getting better hold of the language and putting it to use for your respective concerns. With this benefit one can easily adapt linguistic subtleties and have more transparency in interaction.As many of the subjects written by foreign authors may be preferable, this helps to get direct access to the author’s original work and first hand confrontation.In the same way this helps in other aspects also be it in work,cultural exchange or any other.

Course Features

Students 0

Max Students 20

Duration 45 Days

Skill level All

Language Arabic

Re-take course 5

First 30 days the focus is on reading and writing.
The candidate is made to get acquainted with the comprehension of the language. Thus it is ensured that he or she gets to be well off in reading and writing in a span of 30 days. With this, one is well versed with the vocabulary of the language to have a smooth beginning and gradual command on foreign language. Focus is done on proper sentences, phrases and oral speech for a beginner.

  • Introduction
  • The Alphabet
  • The Primary Letters
  • Pronunciation
  • Supplementary Letters
  • Writing
  • The Vowels and the Sukūn
  • The Short Vowels and the Sukūn
  • Diphthongs
  • Shaddah / Tashdīd
  • Tanwīn / Nunation
  • Pausing when Speaking or Reading Aloud
  • The Two Hamzahs
  • The Permanent Hamzah
  • The Connecting Hamzah
  • Elision
  • The Sun and Moon Letters

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